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What is a bakery? As far as I remember the bakery has always been for me a warm, friendly, intoxicating smell .... create in my turn a bakery as I love them, has long been a dream that becomes reality today.


Being a peasant girl, I kept the values, those of the love of the land and the job well done.


He who respects the earth harvests what she has best to give. In my turn, at the bakery of Des Pains et des Roses, we select our flours and ingredients carefully, because food is our first medicine.


I also use a natural leaven that I made with local ingredients, long fermentations, poolish and carefully dosed beer yeast.

But the choice of flour is not everything! It is the work of transformation, the management of fermentation times, the shaping by hand to better feel the dough and respect its respective rest periods before cooking, that make all the difference!


The hand listens to the dough by shaping it according to its needs and time does the rest ... be patient, the breads will be only better!

Des Pains et des Roses ? 

What does that means?

Des Pains et des Roses, was chosen to pay homage to the 1995 women's march in Quebec, inspired by the 1909 World March of Women, which called for Bread and Roses, that is to say, to denounce the poverty and ask for pay equity with men. Bread symbolized the minimum working and living conditions necessary for good health. Roses represented the quality of life ...


Even today, women demand "bread", that is to say jobs and decent wages for all, pay equity. They also want "roses" that is to say better living conditions, allowing a harmonious reconciliation of professional and family responsibilities, as well as social protection and a public health system worthy of the name. This old aspiration of the workers' movement keeps all its actuality and will take shape in the 21st century, if not realized in the XXth century.

Nathalie Meynard Sallanon

The Baker

Trained in France, I obtained my Professional bakery certificate in 1995, after 3 years of apprenticeship training.


After having worked for several years, I stopped because the work-family balance had become unmanageable ...


Arrived in Quebec in 2013, the passion of the bakery caught me, the chance of a meeting with the beautiful team of the bakery Le Petit Pétrin in Alma. I took a liking to this business and my desire to open my own bakery took over, but this time promising me to respect my own pace to give the best of myself: Bread yes ... but roses too!


I am happy to welcome you to my bakery, a real passion and I hope a space that you will find warm!


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